Who Are We?


Tail Lab Toy Production

What is This?

 What started off as the question "Hey, if I wanted to get one of these from you, what would it cost?", Tail Labs is a one (sometimes up to three depending on what roommates I can commandeer) person shop making adult toys.



With a cursory knowledge of 3D modelling, a good friend in the local silicone supply shop, and a desire to make strange and unusual items of pleasure, Tail Labs serves to try out the wildest ideas and dreams of me, my good friends, and whoever kicks emails at me.

 How Do You Do This?

 We start with a core blank made of a body safe material (usually done by making a casting of a 3D print or sculpt). We then make a mold out of platinum cure silicone, which all our toys are cast into.

 All toys are made out of body safe platinum cure silicone (Smoothon Ecoflex and Dragon Skin), and use a body safe release agent and pigment system. All toys are also degassed using a rotary vane vacuum pump and chamber.

 Why Do You Do This?

 I enjoy every step of the process! I also like making experimental toys that no sane toymaker would ever attempt - the challenge is one of my favorite parts of this. Finally, the folks I get to talk to always have a great way of putting a smile on my face!